Spot Goes To Hollywood
Spot goes to hollywood
Developer(s): Eurocom (MD/GEN), Burst (SS/PS)
Publisher(s): Virgin Interactive
Composer(s): Tommy Tallarico (MD/GEN), Keith Arem (SS/PS)
Platform(s): Mega Drive/Genesis, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
Release Date(s): November 21, 1995
Genre(s): Platformer
Mode(s): Isometric
Media/distribution: 8 Megabit

Spot Goes To Hollywood is a platform video game released by Virgin Interactive for the Mega Drive/Genesis as the sequel to Cool Spot. A Sega Saturn and PlayStation version was later released, featuring different levels but similar gameplay to the original version. Sega 32X and SNES versions were also in development but got canceled before release. It utilizes an isometric graphics system to provide a pseudo-3D playing experience. The player controls Spot, once the mascot for the 7 Up soft drink, as he travels to various places trying to free his friends.

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